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Data protection as code. No legal knowledge required.

Is this data PII?
When do I need to erase this data ?
Are the 3rd party SaaS I'm using GDPR/CCPA compliant ?

We build Data Protection APIs that answers automatically main privacy questions across your entire code base, to get actions and alerts about what you need to do.
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In a digital privacy-regulated world, Code is law, Law is code

Privacy laws and Regulations on personal data like GDPR are here to stay. To implement them at scale in companies, they need to be designed for the legal department as much as for the IT department and Developers.

Especially, GDPR compliance needs DPO and Developers to collaborate to be truly implemented. Every piece of personal data and consent associated need to be tracked for regulation AND for business. ALIAS, the DevRegOps company, helps DPOs and Developers to collaborate effectively with APIs and tools to make GDPR compliance a reality, keeping DPOs in total control and Developers happy with tools designed for them.

Data Protection Officers and Developers need new tools to collaborate

GDPR compliance needs Developers tools to spread effectively into IT systems

Word and Excel are static documents. IT systems, databases are dynamic infrastructure. Your usual law firm in charge of GDPR compliance cannot deliver the job. Registries done by them need too much maintenance and what they produce is obsolete immediately after being done. This is wasted money every year. Why not generate registries from your IT systems? Like that, at any time your registries.

DPOs need tools to follow internal and external compliance contexts

DPOs need to stay up to date about what is going on inside the company and in the regulatory environment. For that, they need to be aware of where the data is, what the purposes are, as long as the destinations, the type of data and the conservation duration at any time.

Code is the answer

Is personal data you have collected ready for business use?

Stop flooding Data Protection Officers with that question. By applying the DevRegOps approach, everyone in the company will be able to answer the question without needing to hassle the DPO with questions.

Adopt it today

DevRegOps approach

GDPR compliance at scale is more than just regulation, it is business readiness.

Reducing sales delay

By managing customer data better, from data collection made by marketing, to data treatment made by DataOps teams and direct communication use for sales team, better compliance management enables to shorten the sales cycle by a stronger understanding and removing friction between all the actors of the sales cycle.

Granularity for agility and innovation

Personal data compliance is heavy and moving data across departments and applications often needs DPO approval. With the DevRegOps approach Developers and product managers can innovate freely without the fear of failing with complinance, enabling team autonomy and serendipity across the whole organization.

Operational efficiency

When done hand-in-hand with developers, GDPR compliance removes the burden of heavy legal processes, removes friction of constant DPO approval. It eases the work with personal data to all technical teams involved in daily operations, either for internal applications either for external SaaS.

Raise investor attractiveness

Au fundraising? a merger? An acquisition? Investors look for companies who avoid the regulatory risk. By demonstrating state of the art compliance, you demonstrate your future-proof readiness to make business in a regulatory driven digital environment where personal data is the new oil.

Less losses from data breaches

Everyone will face data breaches. It is not about if, it is about when. Managing GDPR compliance with the DevReOps approach enables you to track all internal personal data with all their GDPR context to inform, limit and recover from data breaches faster.

More trust and loyalty

Respecting all consent and opt-in, requesting data in a Subject Right Request and receiving it in few hours… That is a sign of a company which knows how to handle personal data and that is transparent about it. With the DevRegOps approach, at any time you know where is the data, what consent is given for it and what personal data is under what legal base to give it back to users instantly in a data takeout.

Ask your Developers

APIs for GDPR compliance

We give you access to our Compliance APIs that bind a GDPR context to all internal personal data, enabling you to be fully compliant at the code level with maximum granularity. The GDPR context is a document of 80 jurisprudence fields that is linked to all personal data you keep in your records and that enables you to follow the PII lifecycle as much with internal events as external regulations changes.

Search Engine for Purposes and Data Conservation Durations

You don’t know how long you can keep data in your production records according to a purpose? You don’t know how long the archive duration is for personal data in different countries in your system? You can use our search engine for storage durations.

Chatbot for Subject Right Request

Every Subject Right Request (SRR) cost an average of $1400 to a company who is managing GDPR in an old-fashioned way (according to Gartner). To support your DevRegOps approach, we built a chatbot enabling you to collect all SRR in a user-friendly way and manage the relationship with users, keeping their trust and loyalty with simple and efficient User experience.

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