PII Storage Duration API

Is your company compliant with GDPR on PII data storage duration ? Do you want to save time and legal fees finding PII storage data duration for compliance in seconds? We’ve done the work for you.
With our PII data duration Search Engine & API we provide an easier and cheaper way to find, track, evaluate and implement PII storage duration compliance in your organization or the ones of your customers.

How we make PII storage duration research and compliance easier and cheaper

We keep all data storage duration rules and standards up to date and exhaustive with our in-house team of lawyers experts in data compliance.
A new data processing to assess and record? We make compliance easy to check finding the right info according to your needs: by personal data, purpose or business category.
You work with different organisations and industries that need to track all of their data processing activities ? We make cross-team organization communication and cooperation easier with shared knowledge, references and tools.
You want to provide it directly in your product UI for your customers. We made an API available for you, to implement duration compliance in your own product.

Our solutions

Search Engine

We keep all data storage duration rules and standards up to date and exhaustive with our in-house team of lawyers experts in data compliance.


Are you building a product or do you want to implement storage duration knowledge base at code level ? Contact us and get access to our API along with exclusive services.

Use Cases

You are responsible for data compliance, and members or your organization who have to deal with users / customers personal data flood you with questions? Save time and focus on your core activity giving access to self-serve information.
Every organization and companies have to be compliant with GDPR but maybe your organization can’t afford the services of lawyers or specialists in data storage duration? We make compliance accessible with up to date information.
Are you part of an IT team? You need to generate accountability documentation dealing with personal data compliance in your own systems? Include compliance knowledge base at code level? Get access to our solutions through APIs.
You are a DPO and want to spread the compliance culture through your organization? Empower your organization members with intuitive and easy to use tools tailored to the specific needs of your different teams.


Free Plan

For Institutions & Non-profit organizations

Pro Plan

Pro lawyers, DPO as a service & specialists

Enterprise Plan

For companies

What is included in all plans

  • Search engine for personal data storage duration (french)

  • Resources on personal data compliance with reports, blog posts and news

  • Chatbot / email support to answer your questions about data storage duration.

  • Access to the storage duration API

  • Dedicated support 24/7

  • Exclusive access to our new services

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