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Designed for developers with little or no legal knowledge

🤔 Hey Alias, why have you created this newsletter ?

Good question dear dev.

You see, at Alias, we know how harsh the world of legal specifications, GDPR requirements and personal data management can be for you: developer, engineer or architect that wants to respect privacy.

We know it because we looked at many resources explaining laws and regulations. And guess what? They are are mostly made for legal experts. They contain little information on how to apply them in the real world, leaving you and leaving us disarmed when the time comes to implement privacy for real.

We couldn’t accept that! 😠

So, we have gathered privacy engineers and legal experts from our team in order to demystify privacy concepts, news and give you concrete tips on how to implement them in the world.

So, if I understand correctly, this newsletter is for developers like me? 👨‍💻 👩‍💻

Exactly. We want to help developers like you: technologists who love their users, who want to respect their privacy and comply with the law but who, sometimes, feel lost because of a lack of legal knowledge or concrete infos on good privacy implementations.

Good, but are you going to spam me with tons of email about GDPR or other boring stuff? 📮

Not at all dear dev! If you subscribe, you'll receive only one message per week. 🗓️ One every Monday to be precise. And you'll see: even GDPR and legal stuffs can be fun.

In fact, our baseline could be: "Alias Privacy Newsletter - even law can be fun" 😄

🧐 Hm, and what's in this Monday email?

Something light! A little email that contains 5 to 10 privacy news 🗞️ about the past week. Each news will be summarized in the equivalent of one tweet. Not too long right?

🤗 I'm convinced, how do I sign up to this wonderful newsletter ?

Just look ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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