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Privacy regulations are the future context for building applications. By becoming an official privacy engineer you will be helping others doing the right thing with personal data, becoming the bridge between legal theory and the real privacy implementation.


Win the tech challenge of GDPR and CCPA implementation

Because IT professionnals are those who (should) know.

It is the right thing.

Personal data is important. By knowing how to process it with a high level of ethics, you will be part of building the next generation of applications, for a fair data society, respecting individuals data and rights.

DevOps + Regulation = DevRegOps

DevOps is Infrastructure as Code. With current privacy regulations in place, t he only way to scale privacy into IT system is to transform regulation as code. This is the DevRegOps culture and practice.

65% of world population under Privacy regulation by 2023

You develop applications in USA, EU, Canada, Brazil, China, India, Singapore? You have to comply with regulations, it is the law. By becoming an expert in privacy implementation you will be enabled to build applications safely in the most rewarding world economies.

Become a high profile in organizations

Data Protection Officers don’t know how to communicate with tech team to implement Privacy Regulations. By becoming a privacy engineer, you will be key at high decision level, being the link between Business, legal and IT.

Apply for the certificate today and move a step forward.

Why organizations need DevRegOps skilled professionals today

Organizations need compliance professional who know how to implement compliance into tech and data systems in a digital economy

Organizations need effective, scalable and automatized compliance technologies

Organizations need a framework to close the gap between business, compliance and tech teams

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