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Our platform allows you to implement the GDPR data compliance workflow through your organization on a legal and tech level and empower all teams dealing with personal data. With the Alias Platform, compliance become easy to manage and implement.

  • Implement GDPR compliance easily in your organization
  • Delight your privacy developers with well documented APIs
  • Allow effective and seamless collaboration between dev and legal teams
  • Automate and scale your data compliance
  • Provide IT teams with effective tools to implement compliance
  • Offer data tracking & mapping solutions

The platform’s suite of tools

With our platform cross-team organization for implementing and managing GDPR compliance become a reality.

For tech teams and devs

The ALIAS API offers tech teams in charge of implementing GDPR compliance into systems a real framework with several tools based on Alias Platform:

  • Access to all legal parameters set by compliance team with data types, storage durations and events
  • Manage data location associated to data types
  • Data tracking & mapping
  • Get live compliance status for every personal data
  • Manage user consent

For DPOs, compliance and legal teams

The ALIAS API is made to register and manage processing records easily on DPO apps. It allows to share a single source of truth with tech teams and all people dealing with personal data in the organization. The API offers various features such as:

  • Process GDPR records
  • Define custom parameters for data types, events, storage duration with access to Alias legal knowledge base
  • Use predefined standard parameters for quick setting
  • Get alerts and up to date compliance infos from Alias
  • Set the widgets to collect user consent

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How Alias tools bring value and agility to your organization

The Alias GDPR Platform empowers your organization to get the most of the personal data you collect and manage, saving time and money

While being sure to comply with the GDPR, manage personal data with the right process will be profitable for your whole business, as the GDPR platform is a real framework to value all your data resources.

When dealing with the personal data in your organization, you are able to truly enhance the value of your data, with a new mindset and real knowledge about which data to use according to every purpose and context.

Because we believe in privacy "by design”, Alias doesn’t store or access any of your users personal data. You keep full control and ownership of your data.

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People, code & law

Alias DevRegOps Solution

Alias offers an all in one solution to implement compliance into code with the DevRegOps approach.

Data mapping and tracking

GDPR / regulatory context attached to every data

Data live status and history of events related to data compliance

Compliance issues detection and adjustment instructions

Synchronization of processing records with data systems

Real time management of storage durations for recorded data

Shared knowledge from DPO to all teams through the organization

Business intelligence strategy

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