Report Portability:
The Forgotten Right of GDPR

The state of GDPR data portability... and how to change it.

Europe has some of the most advanced data rights in the world, and yet in practice, it is almost impossible to access and move one’s individual data in a useful way. European citizens and businesses can co-create value and strengthen local economies if they can move their data between services. This overview discusses current challenges and proposes 10 solutions to improve data portability in 2021.

Only 10% of the 125 data controllers we tested had an automated takeout tool

Overall, this study found that the complexity of the processes around requesting portability of one’s own data was itself an obstacle to access. Even just finding information from a web application or platform about how to exercise one’s data portability rights was challenging, even for tech savvy users.

A person's Facebook personnal data can be worth up to $1294 per year

It is $494 for a European

Benefits of GDPR data portability are legion

Portability allows us to co-create and generate the value we want

And much more


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